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Anticipation vs. Expectation

What’s the difference between anticipation and expectation?  The difference is in our attitude. One is hope and one is entitlement. Hope allows for any number of things to happen. Hope keeps us open to possibilities we couldn’t even imagine. Entitlement usually has a very specific outcome. It relies on other people to react and behave in the way we want them to.

We must also remember that hope is not a strategy. That means we have to lay the groundwork. Figure out what we want and put the plans in place. Then put take action anticipating favorable results. When we greet each day with this kind of attitude we are much more likely to have a good day no matter what because we did what we could.  Because we have to do the work ahead of time, we are taking responsibility for what we can control and not waiting on other people to make things happen for us.

On the other hand, expectation comes with pre-conceived notions that almost always involve other people. This kind of thinking will keep you in constant turmoil because you can’t possibly plan out what another person might do.  Expectation leaves an opening for us to not take responsibility when things don’t go our way. It makes it very easy to blame other people.  That’s a victim mentality and does not serve us or others well. Expectations are bad news because it takes away the right of other people to do what they want.

Here’s how you can apply this today.  Think of something you want, in one of the 7 areas of your life, financial, career, relationships, recreations, health & wellness, personal development, community service, and reflect on how you have been handling it. Career and relationships are both good ones because they involve other people. If you are continually disappointed because your expectations aren’t met, try anticipation instead. Do you what you can and hope for the best.

My encouragement for you this week is that you will lay your groundwork and go out in anticipation of good things to come in all areas of your life.  Remember, you can achieve whatever you believe as long as you are willing to work for it.


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